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Imagine America after the Apocalypse:  highways fallen into disrepair, forests crushing onto the roads, structures like tunnels and service plazas abandoned. No signs of active civilization.  We can take you there, to a time and place that never existed.  Is this the past, or is it the future?
The Pike 2 Bike, located only 22 miles away from Grouseland, is America's only abandoned Super Highway turned into a bike trail. This is a section of the Pennsylvania Turnpike - America's first limited access highway - that was abandoned in 1968.
Grouseland offers Pike 2 Bike Behind the Scenes Guided Tours. Come along with us as we take you to see the first rumble strips and road reflectors.  We explore not only the tunnels but the areas locked to the public. We will explain the history and the future plans of the Pike 2 Bike. This is the most unique (and strange) ride you will ever do.
The tours generally run 3-5 hours. Deluxe tours run 5-7 hours and include lunch. Bring your own bikes or use ours. We supply lights and snacks.  This, like all of our tours, is at your pace and comfort level.  If you or someone in your group isn't up to the 17 mile ride you can enjoy it from the back of our tandem, with no effort necessary!
The Deluxe Tour adds a hiking loop through the State Forest that brings you to the rail bed and culverts of the South Penn Railroad. This was the start of everything. Started and abandoned 130 years ago, with an arch stone culvert that runs for 200 feet, an amazing  structure. We also visit the CCC camp and the director's cabin. We go into greater detail and show you much more. We will provide you with the lunch of your choice.

Bike and helmet rental - $20 Cannondale Hybrid bikes designed for comfort.
This is a ride you will never forget! Call 814 784 5000 to make reservations. 

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