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​​Imagine America after the Apocalypse; highways fallen into disrepair, forests crushing onto the roads, structures like tunnels and service plazas abandoned, no signs of active civilization. Grouseland Tours can take you there!

Grouseland offers Pike 2 Bike Behind the Scenes Guided Tours which explore not only the abandoned highway and tunnels, but also the areas locked to the public. Along the way, the experienced guide will explain the history and the future plans of the Pike 2 Bike. General tours may run 3-5 hours, while deluxe tours, which include a hiking loop through brings you to the rail bed and culverts of the South Penn Railroad, run 5-7 hours and include lunch. These tours are conducted at your pace and comfort level and, if you or someone in your group isn’t up to the 17 mile bike ride, you can enjoy it from the back of a tandem with no effort necessary.

For these tours, you can bring your own bikes or rent a bike and helmet from Grouseland, which also supplies lights and snacks.


  Regular Tour Deluxe Tour
Individual $95 $150
Couple $110 $200
Group (3 or more) $45/pp $75/pp
Bike Rental $20

Call (814) 784-5000 to schedule a ride that you will never forget!

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