Much needs to be done.

A "Friends of the Pike 2 Bike" association is being assembled to help fund, build, maintain and promote the trail.

Participants in the master planning process envision paving one lane. This is a compromise between leaving the P2B as a fascinating ruin and having it usable for road bikes, roller bladers, skate boarders, and others. The other 3 lanes will remain as wrecked as they are now.

Lighting is also envisioned.

Too much light will destroy the feel of the tunnels, on the other hand many riders arrive with out lights. We are pursuing an Energy Harvest grant for Solar powered LED lighting. We will be careful to use only the minimum to safely guide people through the tunnels.

A mountain bike trail that runs both sides of the road will make a fabulous 18 mile loop that can be used for races or just a great  mountain bike ride.

Trail Heads with parking and pavilions will be set up at both ends to inform riders of the history and significance of the Pike 2 Bike.

The tunnels need work to restrict access to dangerous areas,  to repair broken cement, and solve drainage issues.

The P2B will be connected to Bike PA Route S at both ends.An interpretive Nature Center that not only serves the riders on the P2B but also the school children in the area is a further goal.

The Future of the Pike 2 Bike trail!